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Jason Coleman Photography shooting with youth dancer model.

I’m in the Nashville area, but would be happy to drive for a shoot or you can always come to me. I own a photography website (you’re on it!) for which I’m constantly in need of photos as well to build a good portfolio footprint online.

I’m trying to find new models to create images with. The atmosphere on my shoots is really relaxed and usually a pretty good time. I think I usually spend more time cracking jokes than anything, but I am a serious photographer and want to get the best image for the both of us. There’s no pressure to get anything done, we just go with the flow and see what we come up with although I would like to do more high-styling in the near future. We can use backdrops, accessories and even shoot on location. We can find a styling for your shoot that would suit the style of some of the magazines I submit to really well. As far as shooting ideas go, I’m completely open to suggestions if there’s a certain style you’d like to try. I mainly adapt what we’re doing around different styles that I can then use on my website as examples. We can also pre produce our shoot using Pinterest for ideas. I shoot with models of all kinds.

I’m recently published in Enchanted Angelz Magazine and have posted tear sheets from my shoot HERE.

My general portfolio is currently being worked on HERE. I’m having issues getting it to display correctly right now, but check it out when you have time. I’m in the process of building it and adding photos with a new plugin that displays the images better. Right now everything is cropped weird.

I also have an Instagram account and am on Model Mayhem as well as Model Mangement so connect with me there if you have an account. I’ve got 324 followers on Instagram at the moment (they are real followers, not bots. I delete the bots as soon as they follow me.) and 396 friends on Model Mayhem, but if I shoot and post more, I’m expecting it to grow. So sign up today and lets get to shooting. Once you’ve signed up, Make sure to let me know by CONTACTING ME so I can assure that your images came through the form.


Jason R. Coleman