Don Day Gets Headshots

Don Day HeadshotLast week I got to get together with my old acting buddy Don Day. Don knew that I was a photographer and filmmaker and fellow actor (believe it or not) and asked me to help him get some new headshots to update his acting resume. We set up an time to shoot and decided we could shoot at his home.

When I got there, his home studio was really his home office where he has a backdrop setup so he can do his video auditions. Basically it was a small office and a sheet as a background. It worked out perfectly. I never would have expected it, but I was able to take advantage of wide open apertures and some off camera flash to blur out the sheet and make it look a little more artistic.

The results were better than expected. The background was a creamy smooth color for tight headshots of Don’s smiling face.

True Test of a Good Headshot

LinkedIn post Don Day HeadshotsWe had a good time and got to chat about our favorite subject. The Navy. “Fly Navy,” Don always says to me and I always look forward to it. Bonding with other Navy Vets is always welcome! However, the true test of a headshot is just like in business. What is the ROI (return on investment)? Did your new headshot do anything good for you? Well, the good news is that in Don’s case, his new headshots worked like a charm.

LinkedIn comment Don Day HeadshotsHe found my post on LinkedIn and informed me that his new headshots got him a new acting role! THAT is the test of a good headshot. So regardless of your environment, big studio setup or tiny home office, you can get headshots that work for your purpose. I’m happy that Don got new work from his headshots and wish him luck with future roles.



If you need headshots, please feel free to contact me directly and we’ll get you scheduled for a shoot!