Amanda Cross As Poison Ivy

Amanda Cross as Poison IvyAmanda Cross approached me a while back to help her get some images of her cosplaying Poison Ivy in the DC Comics Batman stories. I was excited to help her get those images and immediately thought of a great location for her to be around the plants that Poison Ivy is so characterized to be around at all times.Amanda Cross as Poison Ivy Model Profile

Poison Ivy Location

We settled on Opryland hotel and their excellent care of plants in the Garden Conservatory including the Delta area and the Cascades. Opryland does an incredible job taking care of all the plants inside the hotel and it’s always a site to see no matter how many times you’ve been in there.

We chose a spot that would work for our needs that was covered in plants along with a great waterfall. Once we found our location we began shooting. We shot multiple angles and different poses and micro locations within the area we chose. Amanda, not being a professional model, was very open to coaching and direction to get the best shots we could. She hit some great poses that worked great for this specific character and the environment that Poison Ivy should be.Amanda Cross as Poison Ivy

Amanda Cross as Poison IvyPoison Ivy Cosplay

You can’t talk about this shoot without mentioning the excellent job that Amanda did on her cosplay outfit. She really hit the nail on the head with this costume and anyone who’s ever seen the character of Poison Ivy would immediately see that character in her outfit. From the gloves all the way down to the shoes, she nailed it! Including glitter, which always makes a makeup job better right?

Successful Poison Ivy Cosplay Shoot

Once we’d shot over a hundred images, we felt good about the images we had to take into the editing system and get to work. Once in the system I noticed the gloves and the main outfit green colors were slightly off and needed to be adjusted just slightly to match the green hues. Boosting the greens and the yellows realy made these images pop and I’m proud to announce our recent publishing in an online magazine.Amanda Cross as Poison Ivy

Amanda Cross as Poison IvyLYDMP Publication Enchanted Angelz

We are privileged to have been accepted into the LYDMP publication Enchanted Angelz Cosplay edition! Once I submitted the images, we were contacted with the news and were asked to include all social and business information along with Amanda’s modeling information for the publication. The magazine features models in cosplay and in depth information about the models from all over the U.S. Check out this link to get your copy of the online version or the print version of your choice.